In 1988, I acquired my first companion French Bulldog who lived for 13 years as a cherished family companion. He was my first introduction into what would develop into a lifelong passion. In 1992, I purchased my foundation female, affectionately referred to as "Josephine" who went on to become a Canadian/American Champion before producing her first litter under the prefix of "Karendon Reg'd." This was the beginning of the wonderful legacy of Karendon French Bulldogs. Karendon Perm. Reg'd. is now 18 generations strong!!!

I always say "a good dog has no size or color". However, after several years of breeding and showing French Bulldogs, it became obvious to me that I very rarely saw outstanding Black Masked Fawns. I asked myself why was this? French Bulldog type should remain the same regardless of whether it is Brindle, Brindle Pied, Fawn, Cream, or Black Masked Fawn.

Always up for a challenge, I embarked on a mission to produce outstanding Black Masked Fawns, who in competition, could hold their own equally, against the other acceptable colors.

Today, years later, we pride ourselves in producing the finest Black Masked Fawns who are not only appreciated for their wonderful, outgoing temperaments, beautiful expressions and outstanding quality but are also recognized and rewarded in conformation shows all over North America.

As a result of our dedication in researching the world's finest bloodlines, focussing on health, temperament and type, we have been fortunate over the years, to produce Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, Canadian, American, Bermudian and International Champions. Our French Bulldogs have been and continue to be among the top French Bulldogs in North America.

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